My Eyes!

Do you want to feel the burn? Here is my color block baby blanket so far, aka RetinaBurn:

colorblock afghan 4 strips out of 7I can’t seem to get any other photos to work. It is a bit bright isn’t it? The colors are (thankfully) not true. Need to get this baby out in real sunlight. But as it is snowy and dirty outside – no way Jose.

I have 4 strips done out of a total of 7. As you can see, it has some issues which will be hopefully blockable. I must have had tighter tension in the first strip (left-most). I really do think it will block just fine. I am planning on sewing on a backing of flame resistant fabric – probably something warm like flannel. I might also do a i-cord edging. It’s too early to tell if it will need it.

I really like it – it is soothing to knit and going pretty quickly for a knitted blanket. I wouldn’t mind doing another one with a different color scheme.


I found my lost umpf

knit squares/strips afghan cotton-ease First I started some colorful felted slippers that need to be done for an friends’s wife. I need to knit and sew on the 2nd soles of that pair by Wednesday – no problem! To insure that they fit, I am going to give her the option of felting them herself, or she can choose to come over and felt them at my house so I can help.

So the first bit of lost umpf was found. I rediscovered another lost bit of umpf while searching for something easy to do while hanging out with a friend. We both love the movie, Young Frankenstein, so we decided to watch it together. Fun! I knew that starting another sock would need too much attention, so I found this afghan that I had set aside.

Last night I finished the first of 7 strips of knitting, and started the 2nd. Today I realized that I needed to switch some colors around on my plan, that is complete now and I can carry on.

It is just the right project for now. Colorful and cheery, pretty easy (aside from the tangling and needing to watch the wraps on the intarsia), but just enough detail (intarsia, tangling and counting) so that it isn’t boring. I wonder if I can keep it going?