From Ripples to Squares to Hexagons

Still feeling the love for afghans/blankets. I finished all the 35 squares of my sisters Starry Night. So now I have both that afghan and the strips of Retina Burn to sew together. But I am just not in the mood for that kind of finishing work.

I have had it on my mind to do a hexagon afghan/blanket ever since I saw so many beautiful ones in the hexagon love group on Flickr and within the granny square’s group on Ravelry. I have had a big bag of Vanna’s Choice yarn in muted rainbow (chakra) colors waiting for the perfect afghan (blanket) pattern. Decided that doing it up in stripes ala ripple would be too – too – something or other. Hexagons out of a circle seems to fit seeing that I want them to represent chakras for my Reiki Healing area.


So I decided to just try my hand at doing up one from really eyeballing the many versions I have seen. I did a test using a bit of my stash of cotton-ease (discontinued colors).

I am really liking it! So much so that even though this is just a test, and my primary focus will be doing up the chakra (rainbow) colored one, I must Must MUST do one up using my cotton-ease stash too. For a gift or for another blanket for ME!

Here is the first hexagon done up using the Vanna’s Choice yarn:


My plan is to use 3 colors without any repeats, for example: red/orange/yellow, red/orange/green, etc. and then use the beige in all of the hexagons.

That means I will have 210 unique 3-color combinations! I am hoping that that the beige outters will help unify the afghan and keep it from looking too rainbow bright. I haven’t decided how to arrange them, so that means that I will have to hold off on doing the beige part until I am finished with all the 3-color circles because the outer bit is done joining them together. Cool!


Moving along…

I decided to let the strips of RetinaBurn age for a bit before seaming. I have found the magazine article that details seaming in seed stitch – and it looks pretty doable but maybe I shouldn’t be so cocky about it, especially since Margaret, future foster parent, told me today that she and her husband will be finishing the paperwork to become foster parents.  I figure they will get a child very soon after the paperwork goes in. I guess I shouldn’t let the strips marinate for too long.

When I set RetinaBurn down I picked up Chaachi’s Christmas 2007 afghan up to get it moving along. After all, it is March! I should have completed it for her birthday on the 8th, but but but.

I decided to start doing the granny squares production style. That way I won’t have to be constantly looking over directions and re-remembering each row. Making mistakes and such.

Once I got all the centers done it was much easier to just crochet away and not have to count them so much. Just to be sure I had the right number and all. I am a bit crazed in that area – I probably don’t need to tell you that, it isn’t like it is some deep dark never shared secret, especially if you remember the post about the number of stitches in the Moderne Log Cabin that I did.

Here’s a photo of my progress after Monday evening:


See that last row? How perfect it looks, how nicely those stacks of ALL of the 32 (out of 35) medium blue rows are just sitting there, smiling smugly in their whateverness?

Tuesday night I was talking to Chaachi about how I was just going to continue to rip right along with doing basically one row a night of the 32 blocks (3 finished already) and have this beauty done in about a week — taking into account how life intrudes and all that and dang it if I didn’t discover that I had done 30 of those 32 wrong. Just that last “perfect” row mind you. Ah the irony. Life did intrude.

But I finished fixing those blocks on Tuesday night and tonight, Wednesday, I almost finished the row that I would have done last night. Chaachi’s Starry Night will still be done in about a week though. Take THAT whoever you are. You can’t be the knitting goddess because this isn’t knitting. I can hardly believe that crochet has a goddess associated with it – but perhaps a gnome or some fanciful sprite or such.  So I promise I won’t try so very hard to bring down your wrath.  Let’s be friends and get along, shall we?


Afghans and socks


I finished the knitting part of my Cotton-Ease Color Block Baby Afghan aka RetinaBurn.

I need to find my Interweave Knits Spring 2002 issue to help me figure out how to seam in seed stitch. After that is comes the decision to sew on a backing and all the other steps and decisions that go along with that.

On Friday, March 7th I knew I needed a new public knitting/take along project. Especially since the next day was to be spent at the DFL county caucus. WT and I were delegates and also on some of the subcommittees. I volunteered to person the check-in table. It had a fancy name, but basically check in the delegates by ward etc. After the mad rush was over, I had a lot of time to sit and listen and knit. Great fun! I was very glad I participated.

I expected to see some other knitters, but they weren’t blatantly obvious. Had a few knitters comment, I really wish I had brought my knitting.

I started up the garter stitch top of a pair of socks with my favorite pattern, Ridged Feather using Regia Havanna Color.


I just love the colors – very peaceful and kind of beachy.  I have also picked up my sisters Christmas Afghan (crochet) and hope to be able to share the finished project with you soon.