Aguirre Avenue

Aguirre Avenue

Aguirre Avenue is now a reality – yeah! It was a beautiful sunny day, just right for a huge family gathering. It was great to have so many family members together to take part in this important event.

Here are a few photos below. There are more on my Flickr group. If you were a part of today’s event and have photos or video clips you would like to share – please do! Just meet me at Aguirre Avenue on Flickr

~ Peace

Aguirre brothers - then

Aguirre brothers - now

Countdown to an important day

I am so proud to be an Aguirre. This next week, Wednesday, May 21st, my family will be honored to have a street (avenue actually) named Aguirre. It is all because of my dad’s family. His 10 brothers, out of a total of 11, have all served in the military and all came home after their service – alive. My uncle Charles worked for many years to get some sort of recognition for the family’s service. Sadly, uncle Charlie died last year but his efforts were rewarded. I am sure he and my other uncles who have died, Henry, Robert, Mike, and Ruben will be there in spirit as well as my grandparents, Jose F. and Enriqueta, and my auntie Maggie.

On the East side of St. Paul, close to where their family home was, and close to where I am living now, Wadena will be named Aguirre.

Do you want to see a video of my handsome dad and my uncles Pete, Joe, Frank, Joe and Bill? Here is a link. My father, Louis, is the man 2nd from the left seated at the picnic table. In the old anniversary photo they show my dad is the one on the far right, last to be seen in the scan.

And here is a link to one of the most recent newspaper articles.

~ Peace

Goals are good

Finished another child sized blanket for Project Little Lambs. Here it is:


And a detail shot:


It still needs to be washed and blocked to make it look nice, but I am going to hold off until I am finished with the (10?) that I want to donate. I have until August, so I think it is going to be very easy to make my goal, even if some will be a larger size.

Here is a shot of my newest. Another knit. It doesn’t look like much yet, but after I get another skein knit the pattern should show better.


The yarn, Patons, Look at Me, is super soft. I have 7 skeins and will probably just keep on knitting it until I run out of yarn.

Isn’t it just a lovely day for Mother’s Day? My sister Chaachi and I took my mom out for Mother’s Day brunch at Fabulous Ferns. Good eating.

Now it is time to just kick back and blog, Ravelry, knit. Happy Mother’s Day for all of you who have human and animal babes, or mother/parent some other way (creativity, spirituality, LOVE).


One on the needles


Going back to my knitting on this one, and touching back into my ripple love.

This is a knitted ripple using the pattern Easy Ripple Baby Blanket.

I am using some discontinued Encore Colorspun DK from my stash. CO 142 stitches (34 stitch repeat + 6) using US 7 needles. Only 3 pattern lines, pretty mindless once I got past the fact that I couldn’t keep count of where I was based on where the cast-on tail was. What is really nice is this pattern is totally reversible.

~ Peace