Joy, Peace, Forgiveness and Renewal

I love Spring and the celebration of Easter.  To me, Easter is a time of Joy, Peace, Forgiveness and Renewal.  It’s a wonderful mix my traditional Catholic upbringing blended with flavors of my many religious and spiritual experiences.

One of the traditions of the season is going to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory here in Saint Paul, MN.  My sister Chaachi and I headed out early Saturday to just take in all of the beautiful colors, shapes and wonderful smells of the flower and plant displays there.

It was an especially emotional trip for me.  There was just so much going on inside me.  A maddening mix of emotions – the pure delight of seeing and smelling plants and flowers, how much I wished a special someone was there with me, and remembering past trips with my family.

The rest of the day was just as sad and sweet.  Chaachi and I headed out to restaurant that we like and discovered that it was out-of-business.  We went to another and had a very nice meal.  Then off to a grocery store so I could buy eggs and dye.  In the store I noticed several people wearing tie-dye shirts which made me smile, because I was wearing one too!  In the parking lot I spied this tie-dye car and I just had to take a photo.


Then when leaving the shopping mall I saw another bug with the license plate, “slugbug”.  Cute!

Back home again, I did some renewal = cleaning, shared some sad emotions with my mom, my friend/twin and my sister.  The rest of the day into evening was kicking back, dyeing eggs,


cooking a meal, and watching a DVD with my sister.

I hope your Easter is just as full and sweet.   Thank you for being here with me today.