A Slice of Romance

Summertime brings a lot of knitting during conversation.  Out and about – be it at the park, or coffeehouse, or waiting for the movie to start.  With summer I need something light to knit – so it is socks and shawls it is!

I have a lot of nice sock yarn – too many hanks or balls for just socks, and the hand dyed yarn just begs to be knitted into something a bit more flirty.  That is what a shawlette is all about.  And small shawls are great for cool offices and chilly movie theatres too!

I searched around on Ravelry for small shawls and shawlettes and found Citron.  It is a pattern from Knitty.com I love Knitty because the instructions are usually full of nice photos – different than magazines where they pose things to hide mistakes and are going for art vs. showing us what the finished product really looks like.

I had a hard time at the beginning because I was assuming that the pattern was perfectly symmetric and it isn’t at times.  So if you knit this one up, watch out.  I might not have noticed it except that I very big on getting exact counts.  I finally quit assuming and read the pattern – OH!

After that it was just a matter of using my stitch markers to help me count once the rows got really long, and marking off my rows on my pattern. Citron is very peaceful knitting – counting the increases was fun and very easy.  The yarn changes kept me amused and it was just nice to have something that didn’t take a lot of concentration.  I didn’t rush on this one…started it up on the 20th of February and finished the 3rd of July.

I set out to block it right away.  My friend Wally was coming over to help me celebrate the 4th and since he likes to see my crafty creations I wanted him to see how I block a shawl.  It didn’t take long to dry, even though it was plenty moist out.  But I did end up putting the fan on just to be sure it was bone dry so as not to get stinky.  It looked so pretty all laid out but even prettier off the foam blocks I use for blocking.

The colors are (to me) romantic, and so I posed it with the flowers that Wally gifted me – so sweet!  It seemed appropriate to name my flirty shawlette my  “Slice of Romance”.


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