Long time no post and end of year

It’s almost a new year. I don’t know why a calendar date makes such a big difference. Perhaps it is the promise of a different tomorrow. I am just so thankful for each day and hope the next year brings many more moments of good things for all of us.

2010 was wonderful.  Full of more changes, being busy, some travel both in Minnesota and recently to Las Vegas – yeah me!

I did a bit of knitting and crochet for holiday gifts.  Here are a few things to share with you:

Afghan for Kiera

I have been working on this crochet ripple afghan for a while.  I had it in my “need to do” mind hopper for a while and couldn’t really start until my grandniece landed on her favorite colors (she kept changing her mind).  She finally told me and promised not to change her mind so  I felt it was safe to get from the planning stage into the doing.

She picked pinks and blues and allowed me to use white.  This is mostly from very vintage stash but as usual, I had to buy new yarn to finish it and now I have about as much pink, blue and white yarn as I did before – how does this happen?

I used my usual “planned random”, that being, as random as I can stand.  Because the dark blue was so stark I felt like I needed to plan the placement.  I also did some planned white – color -white arrangements.  Most of this is acrylic, I also used some wool/acrylic sock yarns held double.

I wasn’t there to see her open it but my sister said she really loved it.  Yeah!

This next gift was for my sweetie.  I finished it a long time ago (July?) and almost forgot to get it out to stuff with other gifts.

Stocking for Wally

This was made from acrylic yarn as well.  Non-knitters aren’t usually yarn snobs and this was the only yarn I could find in just the right color.  If you look closely you will see purl stitch patterns on that dark blue.  I didn’t want to do a design in white or another color – wanted it to be subtle and texture vs. colorwork.

Here it is with the man himself.

I will have some other finished and in-process projects to show you soon!

Sweetie and Stocking