Why did I do that?

If you go back far enough on this blog you will see that my photos are missing.  That is because I made the decision to let my zenknit.com domain name go.  I guess I wasn’t thinking it all the way through, because that is where I had stored all my photos for this blog.

I still have the photos – transferred them over from my knitting site to my regular site, but I still have to re-point each post’s photos to the new address.  So far I have 1 of 14 pages of posts done.

So… I guess I will be busy for a bit.

Knitting news.  I am working on knitted and crocheted blankets for Project Linus.  I did one mint green in the sideways shell patterns (photos to come later), and I am working on 3 more.  One I will finish tomorrow, it is a knitted ripple done in green and blue.  Another is about 1/2 done, in 2 colors of pink but I ran out of yarn and can’t find a match, so I am thinking of doing the 2nd half in another pink color.  I know that sounds weird, but it is a diagonal pattern so it should look nice anyway.  I also have another knitted afghan going that I am really enjoying.  It is made by knitting a small rectangle, then doing short rows to create corners, and from there you pick up the edge stitches and keep working around and around.

I did another full baby afghan in white for donation too but decided to dress it up a bit for a gift for Wally’s new great/grandniece (you can say it either way).  More on that and photos on the next post.


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