I found my lost umpf

knit squares/strips afghan cotton-ease First I started some colorful felted slippers that need to be done for an friends’s wife. I need to knit and sew on the 2nd soles of that pair by Wednesday – no problem! To insure that they fit, I am going to give her the option of felting them herself, or she can choose to come over and felt them at my house so I can help.

So the first bit of lost umpf was found. I rediscovered another lost bit of umpf while searching for something easy to do while hanging out with a friend. We both love the movie, Young Frankenstein, so we decided to watch it together. Fun! I knew that starting another sock would need too much attention, so I found this afghan that I had set aside.

Last night I finished the first of 7 strips of knitting, and started the 2nd. Today I realized that I needed to switch some colors around on my plan, that is complete now and I can carry on.

It is just the right project for now. Colorful and cheery, pretty easy (aside from the tangling and needing to watch the wraps on the intarsia), but just enough detail (intarsia, tangling and counting) so that it isn’t boring. I wonder if I can keep it going?



I found a nice 6 row pattern on Ravelry for a good sock top. It’s called Lesley’s Sock. Pretty! And I thought it would look good using one of the blue striped sock yarns I have.

I usually only use the directions for the pattern, as I almost always use my own numbers for a short row heel and standard toe. So instead of carrying around a big sheet of instructions, I write the pattern repeat down in my little journal. I ran out of space, so I continued to the previous blank page – and noted that with an arrow so I wouldn’t forget.

I bet you can tell where this is going.

I finished the sock top and discovered that I had only been doing 4 rows of the 6 row pattern. It looked okay and thankfully it wasn’t one of those patterns where every row has a different stitch count. I also realized that even if I had done the whole 6 row repeat, it wouldn’t have shown up any better because this sock yarn isn’t so good for a pattern. So this is where I just have to suck it up and repeat the mistake on the 2nd sock. But now they are known to me as Lemonade, although with that lime row they should really be Limeade.

Here is the sock so far:
lemonade socks

I am pretty lucky that I didn’t have to rip back any of those mistake rows as I knitted the last repeat in almost total dark. Chaachi and I went out Saturday night to “our” coffeehouse, The Coffee Grounds to see the The Mama’s perform. My friend Sally/Drumming Astrologer was a guest performer and I just had to see her play. One of the Mama’s is now a member of The Beadladies so I double needed to see the performance. It was terrific – though dark hence my worry about stitches. But even though it was dark, it was where I made the discovery that I hadn’t done those other 2 rows.

Kerry mentioned in my previous post comments that I need a fantastic project to get me going. I don’t know – it seems like a good idea, except that I think I know the reason for my project blahs. I have a few things that I really need to finish, (and start!) and they are kind of weighing on me. Better to just get the ball rolling and get them done, then the black cloud of guilt will lift and I can be inspired again.

That is what I am telling myself anyway.


First set for 2008

I finished my last socks for 2007/first socks for 2008 pair last night. Here they are:

Ridged Feather - first for 2008

Not really spectacular colors but I love them. I have been wearing a lot of browns and greens so they will be very much used.

So onward to the next set. Wanna see my sock yarn stash that I am drawing from?

my sock yarn stash in January 2008

A lot of blue and grey, not a lot of hand-paint. I do have some skeins of Cherry Tree Hill and Koigu that I have set aside for shawls, so even though they are sock yarn, they don’t count. I think this is a pretty good stash to draw from, but I think you would agree it that is a bit heavy on the blues and greys. Not a lot of other colors in there. I might need to reinvigorate my pile after I withdraw for another set or two or three.

So, how is 2008 treating you so far? I think it is going pretty well for business/money as I have been moderately busy. In the crafting end I have been down in the dumps project wise because now that I don’t have any clear-cut goals (no race to the afghans for Christmas anymore) I have been doing a lot of nothing much to show you all. Finishing up a book or two, crocheting a bit on my bead crochet bracelet pile/stash, finishing this sock but not anything really spectacular.

I think I need another big goal. What are you all working on?


Happy New Year!

Hoping you all have had a nice end to 2007 and here’s to:

Fulfilling Work
Good yarn and bead purchases, snarl-free spinning…
Healing Sleep and wonderful dreams (day dreams and night dreams) in 2008!



I finished another afghan last night. All but a bazillion ends to weave in. I did start doing that, but then decided to just concentrate on the bits that were poking out where I added a new skein of yarn (in the middle of a row).

Here it is:


I cropped out the ends 🙂

These afghans that have a new color every row are really a bunch of work to finish. You would think I would learn, I mean this is only the Eleventy-oneth one I have done like that now. And this one is a cotton/acrylic mix and you know how cotton just likes to poke out.

To recap: This one is made with TLC Cotton-Plus yarn, cotton 51%/acrylic 49%. The pattern is in a Leisure Arts pamphlet called Rippling Effects. Great pattern, but the materials list has errors. Buy more of the color that goes into the dk blue slot. If you think it over, there is one more row of that color, so it shouldn’t be less yardage/ounces (whatever) than the red.

Now all I have left (afghan-wise) is my dear sister’s granny square one. Good thing too because I am crazy go nuts over doing bead crochet bracelets. Want to see?


I can really crank them out now. Before was agonizingly slow to even get a bracelet started. I am not joking this time either; bazillion and eleventy-one aside. When you first try do do bead crochet you think you need at least 2 more hands. Especially since I am using thread vs. crochet cotton. Have you ever tried to crochet using thread? Now add to that that you need to crochet in a round with thread and beads. One of my BeadLadies friends, Jean gave me a tip to do the first chain row without beads, then on the 2nd row add the beads. It works a lot easier that way, but still takes practice.

Of those 3 finished bracelets, two have similar center beads. I bought a strand of 20 of them and because they are marbled glass, they all have a slightly different color and design to them. I am going to work up a bunch to sell at a craft fair at “my” coffee house, The Coffee Grounds on December 2nd from 10:00 – 4:00 p.m. But beside those that I am aiming to sell, I am making some for gifts so count me busy right now: Sister’s crochet afghan that is started, but let’s face it – way more to go. More bracelets for gifts, get things ready for the sale, a bunch of Fetching(s) for gifts too — VERY VERY busy.


A Piece that was lost – a big piece

I hosted my ZenKnit blog for about 2 years on my knitting website at ZenKnit. But then my blog was banned on my server because that version of WordPress or some internal pointers were making their system crash. Banned isn’t the right word, what they did was move it to a different folder so that nobody could access it, and I wasn’t able to rename the folder either (I tried that *grin*).

I ended up starting over here because I could:

  • still use WordPress, which I was very familiar with by then
  • get all the wonderful yet horrid program upgrades without having to do them myself
  • hoped like heck that a wordpress to wordpress export would some day come about

I bet you know where this is going. A week or so ago I was just clicking around in my WordPress blog admin and I noticed that that export/import function was now available. All I needed was to get my old blog up and running and pray pray pray that I could get it upgraded and exported before my hosting service brought it down again.

Many days later I had succeeded in restoring, upgrading and exporting and then importing to this blog, only to find that the ALL the links to my photos were either there and incorrect, or not there at all. I am sure if I noodled around in the now upgraded old blog I could have fixed it somehow and exported again, but I decided to just bite the bullet and manually type in all those image links.

And now I am finished! It feels like a very large piece of me has been restored. Now I have better documentation so that I can go play around in Ravelry and get more of my projects inserted. This blog now goes back to when I first started my ZenKnit blog, waaaaaaaay back to June 2004. Woohoo!

I got my Ravelry invite the day before my birthday this year, isn’t that sweet? I am spending some serious time there just noodling around. I have loaded in most of my afghans and some of my socks. Now I may do the shawls and other projects. Maybe not, I will see.

And I am almost done with my 2nd "A Little Bit Crazy" sock.