About done

Last night I finished crocheting in the last circles into hexagons on my chakra circles into hexagons blanket. Here it is, from all sides:





I will be working on a half hexagon motif for the 8 spaces (4 on top, and 4 on bottom) using just the beige, and I also need to weave in a bazillion ends too, but the major work is done! Earlier I had worked the dark blue and an alternating row of red and purple all around from that center hexagon. I decided it was way too wide so I tore those 2 rows out and started building it longer.

I know it is long and skinny because it needs to be. This is a blanket for use on my Reiki Healing clients as they are on the massage table. I hope it proves comfy.

If it turns out to be too narrow I can always build on each side as I have plenty of hexagons left. I will just stash them away for a bit and if I don’t use them on the sides, then I will making pillows and/or child sized blankets out of them.

Today I needed a break, so I headed off to the Needlework Unlimited sale. Bought a bunch of sportweight kid colored yarn for charity blankets, and 2 pairs of felted slippers that say, yarn queen and knitting queen on them. I already have a set that say yarn goddess.


8 thoughts on “About done

  1. Hi,

    I really love your hexaganol flower blanket. Would you be able to give me the pattern for the hexagons. I have just learnt to crochet and cant stop! Been looking for a pattern just like yours to make a blanket for my daughter.

    Thanks a million

    Lisa Wilkinson
    Dublin, Ireland

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