Needle Art Potluck

I’ve got a whole bunch of needle art/craft goodness here for you.

First, progress on the knitted afghan:

knitted afghan

Not a lot of progress, but this is the one that I do when crochet doesn’t want to travel with me, and I don’t have anything else to do like my latest craze=punch needle.

I decided to pick it up that punch needle kit I purchased on my quilt hop trip because I was getting hand cramps and bunched up muscles in my back and shoulder from working on christmas afghan 2. Oh yes, I finished christmas afghan number 1, here it is:

crochet afghan for Christmas 2008 - 1 out of 8

It turned out very nice, and is now the favorite spot for Guinevere’s naps. I haven’t washed it yet, and because of said naps, I will probably hold off until right before the gifting.

The next afghan, another crocheted one, is done in strips. Here is part of the first strip that I have completed:

crocheted afghan in greens

I am only on the 2nd strip out of a total of 5 strip – but I since I have until Christmas to do a total of 8, I have alloted a whole month of time for each afghan. That way I can take breaks and still meet my deadline. That is turning out to be a very good plan, because I picked up that punch needle project, and didn’t want to ever put it down. It is fun! Like painting with thread. Kind of hard on the eyes but my faux Ott lamp helps a lot. Here is the (maybe) finished work. I need your opinion on something, so the photo shows my work and the pattern. Have a look!

Spring Lamp Punch Needle

So, what I want to know is, do you think I should do a french knots for the eyes, or just leave it be? My opinion is that it looks more folksy and okay cartoonish without the eyes. Please let me know.

I purchased another punch needle kit but am holding off on that while I make headway on the 2nd afghan.

Finally, I leave you with this photo of my wonderful birthday boy Spencer. He is 10 years old today! When his poppa comes home we are going to make a trip to Culver’s for his own dish of vanilla frozen custard. It is also hot enough for some dog in kiddie pool action, so I have the pool out and filled, warming in the sun.

Spencer at 10 years old


8 thoughts on “Needle Art Potluck

  1. As usual, Spencer is adorable! Give him a good birthday belly scratch for me!

    And also as usual, you’ve got some lovely stuff there. I love the square afghan (what a surprise, huh?)

    As far as the sheepy needlepunch, I kind of like the eyes, but I think it looks ok without them too, so if that’s what you prefer, leave them off.

  2. I kind of like it without eyes, but at the same time it seems lacking. So maybe trying a different color would work, as already suggested, or perhaps a different type of embroidery stitch? Your afghan progress is amazing!!

  3. Oh, I like the punchneedle embroidery. I could go either way with the eyes, and I don’t think it’s more cartoonish without them, only a little more mysterious.

    Happy Birthday to Spencer.

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