My Eyes!

Do you want to feel the burn? Here is my color block baby blanket so far, aka RetinaBurn:

colorblock afghan 4 strips out of 7I can’t seem to get any other photos to work. It is a bit bright isn’t it? The colors are (thankfully) not true. Need to get this baby out in real sunlight. But as it is snowy and dirty outside – no way Jose.

I have 4 strips done out of a total of 7. As you can see, it has some issues which will be hopefully blockable. I must have had tighter tension in the first strip (left-most). I really do think it will block just fine. I am planning on sewing on a backing of flame resistant fabric – probably something warm like flannel. I might also do a i-cord edging. It’s too early to tell if it will need it.

I really like it – it is soothing to knit and going pretty quickly for a knitted blanket. I wouldn’t mind doing another one with a different color scheme.


5 thoughts on “My Eyes!

  1. Susan, I think it’s fantastic! I am all in favor of bright and fun and bold.

    Reminds me of my garden; some folks think I should have a little restraint, but with flowers, WHY? Sometimes a bright, happy garden is just the thing to bring a cheery smile!

    Your blanket does this for me! 🙂

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