Circles into Hexagons and other things

I have crocheted all 210 3-color circles for my chakra blanket. Just tonight I finished the placement plan:


Now I have to crochet them all together. That means working the last 2 rows on all of them, taking them from circles to hexagons.

From this placement I am only using 163 of the circles, the rest I am going to make into pillows or some sort of wall hanging for the healing space.

So, what do you think?

I am impressed to say I even figured out a way to make the plan. All those 3 colored circles are stacked images. I couldn’t figure out how to do it in my graphics software (Paintshop Pro) but I managed it in Windows Publisher. Sometimes the tool for the job is the one that lets you do things in the rough way – quickish and non-arty but good enough.

Other things I have been up to are sewing together my sister’s afghan. I might have that done tomorrow evening. I am bringing it along for my project during my BeadLadies meeting.

After sewing up my sister’s afghan m y plan is to star sewing the RetinaBurn afghan. It will feel good to have both of these sewing stages of these projects done. I think I will be able to enjoy the crocheting process of the hexagon chakra blanket if I know some of my other projects aren’t haunting me.

But that doesn’t mean I feel so guilty that I am not going to be doing my computer games. Have you found Sheep’s Quest yet? It is a hoot. You help sheep to upgrade their farm by moving through maze-like formations – make arrows so that they will follow, pick up coins and keep them away from the predators (wolves, penguins, etc.) and normal sheep landscape items like land-mines, pits and such. I finished the game – purchased all the upgrades so now my sheep can watch giant outdoor screens, go to the arcade, and dance at the disco. That’s a normal sheep’s life, isn’t it?

p.s. I just spied a mistake involving 2 circles. Can you find it too?


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