From Ripples to Squares to Hexagons

Still feeling the love for afghans/blankets. I finished all the 35 squares of my sisters Starry Night. So now I have both that afghan and the strips of Retina Burn to sew together. But I am just not in the mood for that kind of finishing work.

I have had it on my mind to do a hexagon afghan/blanket ever since I saw so many beautiful ones in the hexagon love group on Flickr and within the granny square’s group on Ravelry. I have had a big bag of Vanna’s Choice yarn in muted rainbow (chakra) colors waiting for the perfect afghan (blanket) pattern. Decided that doing it up in stripes ala ripple would be too – too – something or other. Hexagons out of a circle seems to fit seeing that I want them to represent chakras for my Reiki Healing area.


So I decided to just try my hand at doing up one from really eyeballing the many versions I have seen. I did a test using a bit of my stash of cotton-ease (discontinued colors).

I am really liking it! So much so that even though this is just a test, and my primary focus will be doing up the chakra (rainbow) colored one, I must Must MUST do one up using my cotton-ease stash too. For a gift or for another blanket for ME!

Here is the first hexagon done up using the Vanna’s Choice yarn:


My plan is to use 3 colors without any repeats, for example: red/orange/yellow, red/orange/green, etc. and then use the beige in all of the hexagons.

That means I will have 210 unique 3-color combinations! I am hoping that that the beige outters will help unify the afghan and keep it from looking too rainbow bright. I haven’t decided how to arrange them, so that means that I will have to hold off on doing the beige part until I am finished with all the 3-color circles because the outer bit is done joining them together. Cool!


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